Design for Glass Pipes

One of my favorites is the evolution of design for glass pipes. The glass pipe origin is unknown ,and it probably goes back as far as glass blowing itself.


Many people prefer glass pipes to clay, wood, or plastic because the flavor of the tobacco does not interfere with the substance the pipe is made from. Smokers prefer glass pipes because they are easier to care for than pipes made from other substances. Many of the glass pipes today are made from multicolored glass. Some of these glass patterns are clear and colored glass blended while others have a kind of basket weave design, a solid color and stripes of another color. The glass pipes can be in the shape of animals, shoes, traditional pipes, and even look like tiny bongs.

Bongs are more elaborate than the glass pipe. They look like long wide tubes with a round base and are not to be confused with the small glass pipe. Many people believe that the bong was invited in Africa about 2400 years ago. The bong is also referred to as a water pipe, billy, bing, and moof. It is a filtration device that can be used to smoke tobacco. The bong resembles an Egyptian Hookah that is much larger than a bong and can stand the corner of a room much like a floor lamp. People smoke the hookah by sucking into a hose attached to the device. The bong was meant to be much smaller and portable, compared to the Hookah. While most bongs are clear, some are made from colored glass and have different kinds of decorative patterns on them. Sometimes the base is made to look like a dragon. There are some bongs that look like they have colorful snake-like designs or stripes that look like they are floating in water. Most bongs resemble Bunsen Burners that are found in laboratories.

Glass blowing is coming so popular, that there are now classes for learning how to do the activity. There are many art schools that offer glass blowing. In some towns, the Board of Education is offering glass blowing classes in their community art centers. The real plus in learning how to glass blow is to take lessons from people who are knowledgeable and will show you how to glass blow properly, tell you what tools and supplies are needed, and where you can buy them.