Dale Cruse is a San Francisco architecture photographer

His parents thought he’d grow up to be an architect. They weren’t far off.

As a child, Dale wanted nothing more than to play with LEGO. He would get a new set, inspect the pieces, and often build without instructions. These LEGO blocks shaped his approach to angles, lines, and color. Growing up near Chicago, Dale was mesmerized by the city's architecture when his family drove there. It was as if his LEGO creations had come to life! Dale's calling as a U.S. Army photojournalist was revealed during the transition from analog to digital. Deployed to Bosnia and Croatia, he was drawn to the buildings damaged during the long civil war, making him one of the early warchitecture photographers. To this day, Dale continues to look up. He now creates colorful San Francisco architecture photos that are far more impressive than his LEGO creations! His work has been featured by The American Institute of Architects, Archinect, The Architect's Newsletter, Bloomberg, Bob Vila's Instagram, Earth Island Journal, Hoodline, Huffington Post, KQED, L.A. Weekly, Le Monde, Metropolis Magazine, My Modern Met, New York Magazine, SFHeritage, SFist, Stars & Stripes, and more. Dale, his wife Heather, and their two Maine Coon cats, live in a 1910 Queen Anne Victorian. Three of them shed a lot.

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